Exploring the Christian Faith

The sheer diversity within the Christian Faith tradition can sometimes leave us a little confused as to where to begin or pick up again in our faith journey so here are a few pointers.


A world famous film and discussion based introduction to Christianity.

Bible Course

A new an exciting way to get to know more about the world’s least read best seller.

Now a Christian

Begin a journey of exploration for 5 weeks of FREE email helps as you take you first steps.

Bible in One Year

Bible Reading app from the pioneer of Alpha with audio commentary.

Faith Pictures

A fresh way to help you share you faith with others.


A FREE app to download to follow the post Easter journey with scripture, prayer and reflection.

The Happiness Lab

Follow 12 people and their experiences to explore our own happiness.


An informative balanced introduction to Christianity.

Thy Kingdom Come

A global movement of prayer with a focus on Jesus Christ.

Faith at Home

Resources and activities for families and schools.

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